Holding Tank Treatment Directions


NutralizeRx is most Effective when used on a routine maintenance basis.

The following are suggested dosages. In severely clogged systems, use up to twice the suggested "In Service" dosage until system clears. Use only as directed.                                                                             

 Always flush NutralizeRx, do not let it sit, it NEEDS LIQUID TO ACTIVATE!

A 1 oz "scoop" is included. DOSAGES DO NOT have to be exact.

Start Up with NutralizeRx & Routine Maintenance -  In Service

1/2 scoop into each toilet daily or 1 scoop every other day...flush well

 After Pump Out...1 scoop to your discharge cap rinse down lightly. 

Adding smaller amounts over an extended time is much more effective as opposed to large quantities all at once.

How Long Will One Can Last?

1 Can will last 1 Month...based on a 50 gallon Tank in service 

that is $20 / Month For an On Board Plumber...

Shut Down 

Pump out Holding Tank. Add 2 scoops to the tank through the discharge cap.  Flush with 3 gallons of water.  Add 1 scoop to each toilet and flush 2 times.  

Exterior Wash / Spill Cleanup: Wear rubber gloves! Avoid Eyes & Nose Contact

Add 1 scoop to five gallons of water.  Let sit for 3 minutes.  Agitating the water will cause a light foam.  Wash permeated pipes and affected areas with mixture.  Let it sit for an hour. Lightly rinse residue off if needed. For BEST results do not rinse off.

**TIP** Put Solution In A Pump Sprayer To Spray Permeated Hoses  

Great for cleaning nasty bilges, grey water tanks, drains and coolers!  

                 Tackles the toughest organic messes you can think of!!    

 Safe on PVC, Rubber and Fiberglass
**DO NOT  Use On Aluminum**
**DO NOT MIX WITH OTHER Chemicals, Especially Bleach**

                            Holding Tank Cleaner for Boats & RVs