Holding Tank Treatment How It Works



 Over time, Holding Tank Systems can be  plagued with a nasty build-up of sludge. This can release dangerous fumes to seep into passenger spaces and dock areas creating an unhealthy (and rather stinky) environment. 

 NutralizeRx  works by plummeting to the bottom of the tank where sludge build up concentrates.Upon  contact, micro  bubbles of Oxygen attack sludge by releasing  proteins that act as a  source of nutrition  for natural occurring  aerobic  bacteria (the good bacteria). This action literally lifts sludge,and breaks up waste that destroy the aerobic  bacteria and cause unmistakable odors to be completely Nutralized!!! 









DOES NOT CNTAIN ANY DEODORANTS....odors and problematic issues are not masked, they are eliminated.  NutralizeRx removes the bad and promotes the good!

Breaks Down Organics in waste water, Neutralizes Odors and Liquefies organic Solids and Greases.  It will completely Remove all Sludge build-up, Stop Odor Permeation in hoses and facilitate complete, Efficient Pump-outs.

To prevent future deposits and accumulation, NutralizeRx coats the entire system with the highest quality lubricant available. If not used on a routine basis this lubricant will wear down. Daily maintenance of One Scoop with your Poop will promote a healthy environment in your holding tank,and keep things sliding right on through! Leave embarrasing odors behind for good!!

Stay NUTRALIZED with NutralizeRx