Holding Tank Tips & Troubleshooting

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With over a     1/4  million       gallons of         industry          sewage       pumped in  the last two  years alone,  we know  a  thing or two    on how  systems  should be  operating.    We've  encountered  most every  problem  related  to  portable  sanitation.  Some new  ones pop  up  every now and  again.  From clogged  vent lines, filters, and  pipes, faulty sensors   albeit basic or fancy,  compromised plumbing  (from age or poor  installation), horrible  foul odors, reversed valves, sludge buildup, over filled tanks....Old Faithful Geysers from the deck cap, foreign objects, misidentified deck caps, seized deck caps and valves, effects of hazardous product usage, the list goes on...and on.  

The following is a list of "Symptoms and Issues" you may have encountered or inevitably will encounter if you have any type of sanitation system!  

NutralizeRx is designed to effectively address all but a few of the following

S = Symptom         PP = Possible Problem          C = Cure 

S: "It Won't Pump Out"

Two Possibilities...S: 1.  Discharge nozzle vacuums itself to the deck or 

                                  2.  No suction at all when hooked up.

PP for S1: Valve in incorrect position, clogged vent / filter, overfilled tank, clogged pick up line

PP for S2: Compromised plumbing (too much air getting in) ...pretty much guaranteed.

C for S1: Check valve settings, hoses for obvious obstructions, air compressors are helpful and use NutralizeRx!

C for S2: Very common in older systems. Inspect hoses, clamps, connections, etc. from deck discharge fitting to tank.  Helps to have someone pumping you out while you inspect for air leaks.

C: Check your tank for any compromises.  They probably will not be noticeable so look close.

S: "My Gauge Still Says Full"

PP: Sensor has sludge buildup affecting proper operation or it is broken.

C: Use NutralizeRx or buy a new unit.  If you buy a new unit use NutralizeRx so it is the last one!

S: "Horrible Foul Sewage Odors"

PP: Sludge Buildup, anaerobic bacteria, noxious fume build up, clogged vents / filters

C:   Double the suggested In Service Dosage of NutralizeRx. Fill with water sit for at   least 6 hours.  Pump out and rinse, treat.....repeat as needed.

S: "Seized Valves and Deck Caps"

PP: Corrosion, over tightened

C:   Penetrating Spray, light taps, flat head screw driver, channel locks

S: "Overflow From the Discharge Cap"

PP: Vent is clogged. Overflow should always flow out the vent first.  Pressure and overflow at the discharge end indicates a clogged vent.

C: Clear vent line with air compressor, be aware of future tank levels, NutralizeRx

S: "Discharge Cap Shakes like a Pressure Cooker"

**You may want to watch out!  Remove cap very slowly, releasing pressure.  If overflow begins, leave the discharge cap loose but still connected, allowing pressure and overflow to release slowly.  It will only have to happen to you once for you to heed our advice! 

PP:  Restriction in venting.  Anaerobic bacteria accumulation and resulting gases are not behind released efficiently.

C: Check vent lines. 

Email Any Questions to:  info@nutralizerx.com

A Typical Holding Tank System Looks Something Like This

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